May 24, 2014 update

Something good happened last week - I'm off my medication!

It feels awesome to be rid of that stuff and just goes to show that things are actually a lot better than what they used to be.

I'm not one to rely on medication to begin with - I'll rather rough it out Viking style if I can. For instance the first time in many, many, many, many years I took a painkiller pill was when my kidney stone was on the move. So unless I really have to I stay far away from pills.

I do however still take one pill, but that's just to help me sleep through the night. It's not a sleeping aid pill as those are usually addictive - I want none of that, but it helps me sleep at least somewhat decently.

Other things? I'm still fighting the good fight trying to get back to life - even more so now because reasons. nevertheless it's going forward and being off my medication is sweeeeet! :)