August 24, 2013 update

After having posted my story I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and for that I am very grateful. Thank you to everyone who have read it!

I have also heard from a lot of people who have opened up after reading my story, telling me about the stuff they have had to deal with and how some of what I wrote could also apply to them.
It is of course important to remember that my story is not something unique in the sense that I have gone through some hard times, because (sadly) so has plenty of other people. I just wanted to tell my story to the world.

If people can use it for something, for instance knowing they are not alone in feeling what they feel or whatever it might be, then even better. I did not have a specific goal with telling my story, it was just something I felt I wanted to do, but if it can help other people then that is just an awesome bonus.

Thanks again to everyone who have read it and chimed in with support - you are all great people!