December 4, 2013 update

Just thought I'd throw in a small update on how things are going.

First of all, much akin to the first update, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who's read my story and offered support and understanding.
It has been super awesome hearing from people, not to mention old friends taking contact to me after having been by my site. Quite honestly the outcome of me posting my story has far surpassed what I thought would happen.
Again I can't stress (pardon the pun) enough how much I appreciate everyone who's reacted to my story - you are awesome people and you have my sincerest thanks!

Things are still moving along and improving, which is obviously very good. Stress is still much the same, but I'm doing my best to get a handle on it.
Now the worst part about all this stress business is that I will never completely get rid of it, but worst case is that it will never change from how it is now. That would suck immensely... The reality of the situation is that it's quite some battle I have ahead of me in that regard and despite me being absolutely determined to get rid of it to the extent that it won't really affect me, there's only so much I can really do. The odds quite frankly aren't with me.
However do not take this as a sign of me giving up, because I can assure you I'm not - not even remotely. It's just the reality of the situation and I wanted to mention that as well. My goal stays the same and I will reach it - I have to.

I have some plans for taking some big steps and when I could possibly start returning to work (at least in a limited capacity to begin with), but I'll keep those to myself for now. At the very least I'm thinking about these things and are pursuing them within a reasonable timeframe (all things considered).

So yeah, that's really about it... Things are moving along still and there hasn't been any setbacks. Thanks again for all your interest and comments, it really means quite a lot.